“Awake! Saved My Life!”

The publishers of Awake! received an appreciative letter from Italy. In part, it reads:

“I have read Awake! for 40 years, and I admire its presentation of a wide range of practical subjects. Recently, I was at work when I experienced a sharp pain in my stomach and chest. I decided to go home, but when I had a second wave of pain, something clicked. I clearly remembered an article in Awake! that described the symptoms of a heart attack. * I decided to go to the hospital. I was still in the waiting room when my head slumped to one side and I passed out. I was told this the next day in intensive care.

“I am here today because of the swift intervention of skillful doctors. But I must also give credit to your magazine, which provided information that helped me to make the wise decision to go to the hospital. Awake! saved my life!”


^ par. 3 See our issue of December 8, 1996, page 6.