From Our Readers

Slavery I have no words to express my gratitude for the cover series “When All Kinds of Slavery Will End!” (June 22, 2002) The articles helped me to realize that people can become slaves to a number of things, such as drugs, smoking, and lying. I was a slave to gambling. I knew in my heart that it was wrong, but the urges were very difficult to control. The experience you related about Ricardo moved me to tears. It helped me to see that if a person puts forth effort, he or she can be successful in breaking free of such kinds of enslavement. Thank you for publishing such comforting articles that deal with real-life situations.

M. W., United States

Trinity Thank you for the article “A Tolerant Kingdom in an Intolerant Age.” (June 22, 2002) It was exciting to read about Sigismund, who defended the anti-Trinitarians in their debates, and about how legal recognition was given to the Unitarian Church. I was fascinated by the way Francis Dávid persuasively argued against the Trinity. It reminded me of the boldness of the apostle Paul. Normally, I am not interested in articles with a lot of history, but I’m trying to widen out and build up an appetite for all that “the faithful and discreet slave” provides through our magazines. (Matthew 24:45-47) This was a well-written and well-researched article. I really enjoyed it.

M. C., United States

I came across your interesting article that took a stand against the Trinity doctrine. We are currently discussing this topic in our church. I have long held the Trinity doctrine to be erroneous, and I would like to order 15 copies of this issue to distribute.

A. O., Germany

Grass Thank you for the article “Grass​—Not Just the Green Beneath Your Feet.” (June 8, 2002) I was able to deepen my appreciation for the fact that Jehovah God has supported all life on earth by means of grass. It is, as a botanist stated, “like a dam protecting mankind from famine.” Jehovah is the Great Artist, and I was made aware of Jehovah’s qualities of love, wisdom, justice, and power as they are fully reflected in the grass family.

K. O., Japan

From a Youth I am nine years old, and I am in the fourth grade. I want to thank you for the beautiful articles that you print in your magazines. One series that was particularly useful to me was entitled “Popular Celebrations​—Are There Hidden Dangers?” (October 8, 2001) After I left the magazine with my English teacher, she was able to use the material under the subheading “Religious Rivalry” for class work. She greatly appreciated the accuracy of the contents of the articles. Thank you for all the things you write for our encouragement and protection.

N. R., Italy

Appreciation I really appreciate the way you publish special-interest articles, such as those on animals. I am the only one in my family who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and no one in my family is inclined to read any of our literature that seems to be of a religious nature. But these articles are very interesting to read, and they put in a good word about our Creator in a way that is palatable to non-Witnesses. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and the beautiful magazines you produce.

T. C., United States