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Her Solution to Noise Pollution

Her Solution to Noise Pollution

 Her Solution to Noise Pollution

“I work for a toy manufacturing company. It is quite a routine type of work, and the employees are allowed to listen to music. One of my coworkers, situated in the cubicle next to mine, loves to listen to debasing music. Two other workers in my section like that sort of music too. For me, though, it was a trial to have to listen to it eight hours a day.

“I considered the advantages of keeping the job. One was that my supervisor had always allowed me time off to attend district conventions and special meetings for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the full-time ministry. Also, it does not take me long to travel to work, and the hours allow me time for my ministry.

“I approached my coworkers and asked them politely if they would either change the music or lower the volume. They responded by complaining to the supervisor. The supervisor called me to her office. She said: ‘Sharon, you cannot convert this company to your religion. Our employees can listen to whatever they want.’

“I then asked if I could bring in my own tape player plus a set of headphones. She agreed. I brought in audio recordings of The Watchtower. This has helped me to avoid having to hear the unwholesome music. Listening to the tapes has also helped me to keep strong spiritually.”​—As told by Sharon Quan.