From Our Readers

Earthquakes I read the cover series “Earthquake Survivors Tell Their Story.” (March 22, 2002) In it you quote a source stating that “earthquakes of 7.0 magnitude and greater remained ‘fairly constant’ throughout the 20th century.” Yet, the 1999 World Almanac shows a dramatic increase in earthquakes during the 1990’s.

F. A., Italy

“Awake!” responds: Without taking sides on this issue, our article merely pointed out what some seismologists assert regarding the overall frequency of earthquakes in the 20th century. The point was made that even if one believes that the number of earthquakes has remained “fairly constant,” Jesus’ prophecy recorded in Matthew chapter 24 is being fulfilled in our era. Jesus simply said that “great earthquakes” would occur.​—Luke 21:11.

Miscarriage When I saw the article “I Lost My Unborn Baby” (March 22, 2002), tears welled up in my eyes, as I remembered the loss of our unborn child. I immediately thanked Jehovah in prayer for providing this much-needed information and the comfort it brought. We will always find consolation in the fact that in God’s new world, this will never happen to anyone again.

J. S., United States

I gave birth to a stillborn baby in the 30th week of my pregnancy. It was the worst experience of my life. What a great help and comfort this article is, as it discusses a subject that is often considered taboo, and it also gives practical advice.

K. W., Germany

I too lost my unborn baby. I acted as if nothing had happened. But in my heart I could not be comforted, and every day when I was alone, I just cried. The pain will probably not go away as long as this system lasts. But this article really helped me.

I. M., Japan

How right you are that mother and child bond early on. The grief is unimaginable. After 19 years, I still shed tears for our unborn child.

C. C., Britain

I have always found it difficult to talk to those who are in this situation. When I heard that a sister in our congregation lost her unborn child, I reread the article and wrote a letter to her and the expecting grandparents, expressing my deepest sympathy.

D. R., Germany

This article was an answer to my prayers. Thank you for being aware of the grief and trauma one suffers after a miscarriage. While reading the article, I felt as if Jehovah himself were wrapping his arms around me and comforting me.

C. P., United States

My mother lost a child between my younger sister and me. Her suffering was no doubt very great. After reading the box “How Family and Friends Can Help,” I immediately wrote her a letter.

M. Y., Japan

How Many Continents? On page 25 of the February 8, 2002, issue, you state that Australia is the “smallest of the world’s five continents.” I have always thought that there are seven continents.

L. U., Canada

“Awake!” responds: There are indeed seven continents​—Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. However, some who view Europe and Asia as one continent (Eurasia) would say there are six. Others do not view Antarctica as a continent.