From Our Readers

Work Safety Thank you for the cover series “How Safe Are You at Work?” (February 22, 2002) Just the day before reading these articles, a very tense situation arose at work. I think that responding mildly, as was suggested in your magazine, is the best advice. The information about working early in the morning and late at night was appropriate too. Just the other day, I was pressured to accept that kind of work, but I turned it down. When I read the magazine, I was very glad that I had done so!

M. H., Japan

Young People Ask I have just finished reading the article “Young People Ask . . . What if I Meet Someone From School?” (February 22, 2002) As a high school student and a full-time evangelizer, I have often felt the same way that Simon, quoted in the article, felt. I too hoped not to run into people from school in the ministry. This excellent article was a reminder from Jehovah. I thank him for it.

S. S., United States

I am 14 years old, and I was afraid of meeting schoolmates in the territory where I witness. I am comforted to know that Jehovah is helping me as I ring doorbells. The article strengthened me.

M. L., Italy

Chewing Gum Thank you for the article “Chewing Gum​—Modern yet Ancient.” (February 22, 2002) I like chewing gum, but almost every time I chew it, I inadvertently swallow it. This article warned me not to swallow the gum. I will follow your advice!

K. B., Thailand

Masai Thank you so much for the article “Masai​—A Unique and Colorful People.” (February 22, 2002) I have had a longing to visit Kenya since I was small, and I still feel the same. Even though I have done much research on the customs and traditions of the Masai, I didn’t realize that there were any of Jehovah’s Witnesses among them. I am now a full-time evangelizer, and I hope to attend a convention in Kenya one day. Please continue to publish information on Africa.

Y. H., Japan

Dolphins I am 14 years old, and I would like to thank you very much for the article “In Search of Dolphins Down Under.” (January 8, 2002) I was greatly moved by this article. The information was excellent and shows how awesome Jehovah’s power is for him to create such wonderful, intelligent creatures. Since dolphins are my favorite animal, I look forward to the time when I will be able to get to know them better in God’s new world.

A. C., Australia

I am 15 years old, and I really love animals. I especially have an interest in dolphins, which swim so gracefully. After reading this article, I felt thankful to Jehovah God. I want to take care of nature and the animals that he created.

A. N., Japan

Editors’ Responses I must commend you for your responses to letters that occasionally appear in “From Our Readers.” The editor of our local newspaper is known for his curt, rude, and sarcastic remarks to those who write in, even when the paper is wrong. It’s nice to see the replies from the editors of Awake! which reflect balanced pride in the magazine and consideration for the reader.

K. W., United States