From Our Readers

Young Dating I would like to thank you very much for the article “Young People Ask . . . Young Dating​—What’s the Harm?” (December 22, 2001) Just the other day, I was asking my mother that same question​—‘What is so wrong with dating anyway?’ I knew the answer, but I just needed something to make me more sure of it. When I read the article, I felt as if Jehovah had read my mind. This article has strengthened my resolve not to date until I am ready to get married. I have always enjoyed the way your articles come at just the right time! Once again, thank you very much.

L. F., United States

I read the article immediately, and it was so encouraging. I am in the ninth grade, and the pressure there is really strong. Virtually all my schoolmates have boyfriends, and they often make remarks about my not having one. So this article was really necessary! Articles like this help us to keep clearly in mind the sound advice found in the Bible.

J. R., Finland

I am 16 years old, and the desire to go out with a person of the opposite sex​—even just to be appreciated or noticed—​is strong. However, I have thought hard about it, and I understand that it is important to be mature enough before dating. This will help us to avoid dangers and not take on responsibilities that we don’t know how to handle.

A. G., Italy

I am 16 years old. This article was on time for me and also my friends. We all sat down and read it, realizing that there are dangers in dating when young. This article also helped us to see the true meaning of dating and the Bible’s view of it. The conclusion made me realize that if I wait to date, I will be able to grow spiritually and I can use “the bloom of youth” to make such growth.​—1 Corinthians 7:36.

R.L.W., United States

Life Story I thought that I must write to tell you how much I appreciated the article entitled “Sustained by Confidence in God.” (December 22, 2001) The experience of Rachel Sacksioni-Levee illustrates how Jehovah God sustains his servants through their ordeals. As conditions in the world deteriorate, experiences like this one help us to keep on doing the will of God despite our trials.

J. F., Britain

Arthritis Thank you very much for the series on arthritis. (December 8, 2001) I am 19 years old and learned that I had arthritis when I was 8. The pain I feel is constant, although some days it is stronger than others. My source of comfort is the hope of life in God’s new world, when we will be free from all debilitating diseases. Until that time comes, I am confident that he will give me the strength I need to endure this painful disease.

M. R., Brazil

The information in this series was most interesting. I am 28 years old, and for the last three years, I have been suffering from a very rare form of arthritis. With the hope offered by these articles, I am able to go on serving Jehovah.

M. U., Italy

Thank you for the articles on arthritis. I would like God’s Kingdom to come very soon so that I will be able to “climb up just as a stag does.” (Isaiah 35:6) I am seven years old, and I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in my knees.

E. I., Greece