From Our Readers

Battered Women I have no words to express my gratitude for the series “Help for Battered Women.” (November 8, 2001) I am a victim of domestic violence, and even when I managed to report what was happening to me, I was still convinced that no one could understand the pain, the anguish, and the deep sadness that I was unable to soothe in any way. These articles describe my sentiments exactly.

N. L., Italy

As soon as I opened the wrapper and looked at the cover, tears filled my eyes. I immediately folded the magazine back up, feeling that it was about a part of my past that I wanted to pretend never happened. I prayed for strength to pick up the magazine again. How grateful I am that I did! This series helped me to realize that I am not alone in my suffering. Just reading the words “beating one’s mate is a gross sin in God’s eyes” was like pouring soothing oil on a wound. Thanks for such comforting articles that deal with real-life situations.

D.G.M., United States

I have had the same experience as the women mentioned in the articles. I would tell myself that alcohol and the environment my husband was brought up in were the causes. Even though those factors can explain things, I was comforted when I understood that there is no excuse for violence. With all my heart, I want my husband to read the Bible and come to know Jehovah’s love.

S. I., Japan

This series had a special effect on me, since I am a battered wife. I felt as if I were Roxana. It helped a lot to learn that there are other people who know how a battered wife feels. I learned from these articles that I am not the one to blame for my husband’s attitude. They also helped me to realize that I am important to God, even if my husband regards me as unworthy and useless. Thank you for publishing such helpful material. It is far better than wealth!

B. L., Philippines

You’ve managed to put in writing all the pain and frustration that I’ve been unable to express. This series helped me to see that Jehovah understands the mental and emotional distress that this problem causes. Please keep on writing articles like these, because this problem needs to be talked about and understood by others. I’m sure many will gain the same comfort that I did from these articles.

K. E., Australia

I was raised by a quick-tempered father, and I often get angry at my husband. Sometimes​—no, many times—​I actually hit him. My husband is stronger than I am, so I thought that I wasn’t really hurting him. When I read what the article stated​—that beating one’s mate is a gross sin in God’s eyes—​I was shocked. My husband is a meek servant of Jehovah. I want with all my heart to apologize to him. I am thankful to Jehovah for this discipline.

T. I., Japan

This magazine brought tears to my eyes. It was like reading my own personal experience. But recently my husband has been asking questions about the Bible. He has gone to some of the meetings at the Kingdom Hall, and he is now studying the Bible. I can relate to Lourdes’ comment that appeared on page 11: “Sometimes I think I am dreaming!”

E. R., United States