From Our Readers

Hectic Pace The series “Coping With Today’s Hectic Pace” (February 8, 2001) touched on the core of the problems of our modern society. The question, “Do you give priority to things or to people?” captured my attention. Please continue to publish such good articles for us!

Y. K., Japan

The articles helped me set priorities and evaluate my activities. Without realizing it, I had fallen into a trap that led me to chronic tiredness, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. Now I am changing my habits and giving priority to what really matters. Thank you for helping me to simplify my life!

L.D.C., Guatemala

The Immune System I gave the February 8, 2001, issue, which contained the article “Sentinels That Protect Your Health,” to a doctor who is involved with preventive medicine. He was happy with the picture on page 15 that shows the white blood cells attacking the bacteria. He enlarged it and put it in a frame, and he is now using it to explain the immune system.

H. K., Japan

I have been reading Awake! for 30 years, and I very much appreciate its timely information. The article “Sentinels That Protect Your Health” especially touched me because it helped me to understand how wonderfully the immune system that Jehovah implanted in us works.

L. G., Mexico

I am a doctor, and I learned about immunology when I was a medical student. The textbook explanation of the immune system was difficult to understand, but this article was wonderful. It summarizes the subject in a manner that is easy to understand. A lecturer once said that when we study the immune system, we can’t logically avoid the thought that God made it. I am looking forward to more wonderful articles on the human body.

N. K., Japan

Tsunamis I am 12 years old, and I read all your magazines. I really liked the article “Killer Waves—Myths and Realities.” (February 8, 2001) I am fascinated by these waves, and I loved how you showed, by means of example, how powerful they are.

K. S., United States

Radioactive Fallout I was fascinated by the simplicity of explanation in the article “Radioactive Fallout—A Matter of Concern.” (February 22, 2001) I knew that elements like strontium 90 are extremely harmful, but I did not know that they affect man from his infancy. Understanding such complex subjects is very useful because it helps people realize that man really needs the Grand Creator’s help to find solutions. Thank you so much for showing continual concern for your readers by simplifying such difficult subjects so that anyone can benefit from them.

M. Z., Italy

Young People Ask I have been reading Awake! magazine since it was called Consolation. Even though I am along in years, I enjoy reading the “Young People Ask . . .” articles. By changing some of the situations presented to a more adult application, I am able to take in much information and obtain good advice. The series is educating even older ones like me.

R. S., United States