From Our Readers

Unemployment I wanted to tell you how much encouragement I received from the article “Whatever Happened to the ‘Job for Life’?” (October 8, 2000) The tips on how to prepare for downsizing and how to survive unemployment were wonderful. I feel more relaxed for the job interview that I will be going on.

F. W., United States

Chinese Pharmacy I have concerns regarding the theory behind the alternative treatment described in the article “A Visit to a Chinese Pharmacy.” (November 8, 2000) I have no objection to the use of herbs. However, isn’t more involved in yin and yang than just hot and cold? You oversimplified a doctrine that is rooted in the occult and false religion. Doesn’t that make it dangerous?

V. A., United States

It is true that in the Orient the principle of yin and yang has been applied in many endeavors, including divination. However, this would not rule out its use in other ways that are not prohibited in the Scriptures, such as in making a medical diagnosis. Individual Christians must therefore decide whether to utilize systems of medicine based on this principle.—ED.

Children’s Problems I was deeply moved by the series “The Problems of Children—The Solution at Last!” (December 8, 2000) I have dark memories of my childhood. My mother drank and treated me abusively almost every day. As time went by, I fell into depression and often wanted to die. The articles reminded me of how important the bond between children and parents is. Now that I have experienced Jehovah’s love for me, I am trying to be more understanding of my mother; she had similar experiences in her childhood.

U. P., Republic of Korea

I am a teacher originally from Argentina, and I think it would be marvelous if all parents and teachers would put into practice the counsel of this issue—and of the Bible, which you quote so much.

F. S., Spain

Anger I read the “Watching the World” item “Anger and Your Heart.” (December 8, 2000) It is so true. I have a heart problem that often makes me feel tired and sick. School is a challenge for me because I can’t allow myself to get upset. Thanks to Jehovah God, though, I have had success in removing anger from my life.

A. F., United States

Prostate Problems The recent article “Coping With Prostate Problems” (December 8, 2000) was very much appreciated. However, it did not make any mention of the radioactive-seed-implant procedure. It has recently been publicized in major U.S. magazines and has a low rate of side effects.

H. Z., United States

Thanks for alerting our readers to this treatment. Reports indicate that radioactive-seed therapy (brachytherapy) is less disruptive for a patient than traditional surgery and that in some cases it may be equally effective. It will be some time, however, before doctors know its long-term effects. In the meantime, patients should become fully informed of their options before making a choice.—ED.

Yellowstone My applause for the article “Yellowstone—Crucible of Water, Rock, and Fire”! (December 8, 2000) My wife and I had the pleasure of working in this park during the past year. My wife worked on a research database, and I surveyed wetlands. So when this article appeared, we got quite excited and just had to read it immediately. Excellent work! Good choice of photographs and good research. The information was accurate on all counts. But one just has to come and see this place! There is no end to the beauty.

D. S., United States