From Our Readers

Nurses I have been a nurse for nearly three years. Dealing directly with illness and suffering is certainly no easy task. How good it was to read in the series “Nurses—What Would We Do Without Them?” (November 8, 2000) that others appreciate our work! Even more encouraging is the Bible’s promise that soon nurses will no longer be necessary.—Isaiah 33:24.

J.S.B., Brazil

My husband and I run an outpatient nursing service, and this series was a great encouragement to us. It helped us to improve our attitude toward our profession and toward our patients. Well done!

S. S., Germany

I always thought that nurses had a secondary role. But these articles helped me to understand that nurses help alleviate much psychological suffering, and they offer the understanding and support that busy doctors often cannot give. I sent copies of the magazine to a number of my former classmates who are studying nursing.

F. G., Italy

Thank you for these sensitive articles. Nursing has helped me to mature in many ways. It was one of the factors that caused me to ponder the purpose of life and to study the Bible. This issue of Awake! has been the greatest expression of appreciation I have ever received. I will draw encouragement from it for a long time!

J. D., Czech Republic

Thank you for this series. I have been a registered nurse for many years. I feel such empathy for my patients that I get tears in my own eyes when I give them eye drops. I am sure that nurses around the world will respond positively to this Awake!

L.A.R., United States

Baby Teeth As part of my work at a dentist’s office, I teach mothers how to take care of their baby’s teeth. The article “Protecting Delicate Teeth” (November 22, 2000) has been a great help because it explains the risk of fermentation and bacterial damage. All the mothers who consult me now receive a copy, and the results have been excellent!

T.C.S., Brazil

Restless Legs I’ve just read your article “Do You Have Restless Legs?” (November 22, 2000) I have suffered with this for 18 years, and I thought that I was alone. I’ve often cried because of frustration and lack of sleep, and I have had all sorts of medications. Of course, the only complete solution is Jehovah’s Kingdom.

S. T., Scotland

When I read this article, I was amazed because it described my symptoms exactly. Although my condition has not been officially diagnosed as Restless Legs Syndrome, I am relieved to know that others are putting up with the same thing. Now I am learning to live with what I have more effectively than in the past. Because I now know how to deal with the unpleasant sensations, the matter is much easier on me emotionally.

A. K., Japan

I am 43 years old and still find myself awakened during the night by those crawling sensations in my legs and arms. Before reading this article, I believed that this condition was unique to me. I had no idea that others suffered as much as I do. Thank you so much for printing articles like this to enlighten others about these uncommon conditions.

D. L., Canada