From Our Readers

Universe I loved the series “The Universe—Did It Come About by Chance?” (October 8, 2000) It was very interesting to see how Jehovah God created everything in such an organized way. The article clearly shows that we are the product of creation and not evolution.

E. V., United States

Air Safety Thank you for the article “Making Air Travel Safer.” (September 22, 2000) I noticed, though, that the pilot’s cabin pictured is not of the Boeing 747 as stated but of a Boeing 777.

M. R., Czechia

We were unable to obtain photographs of a Boeing 747 simulator. Hence, the article stated that the 747 simulator is “similar to the one shown.”—ED.

Stock Market Thank you for the balanced article “Is It Wise to Invest in the Stock Market?” (October 8, 2000) Experience has taught me to be careful of dubious stock tips. They often lead to greater losses. Before buying stocks, it is wise to consider the general market situation.

N. B., Germany

I disagree with the assertion that investing in the stock market is not putting one’s trust in “the god of Good Luck.” (Isaiah 65:11) Putting one’s money into a volatile system that operates entirely at random is gambling.

P. B., United States

Admittedly, investing in the stock market can carry a high degree of risk. And, as with any business venture, random factors are involved. However, it would not be accurate to say that trading stocks is gambling. Gambling involves the exchange of money without any exchange of real goods. A stock, however, represents an actual share in the ownership of a business. Trading stocks can thus be viewed as the buying and selling of legitimate goods.—ED.

Siberian Exile I was strengthened by the faithfulness of Stepan and other faithful Christian brothers mentioned in the story of Alexei Davidjuk, “My Chief Concern—Remaining Loyal.” (October 8, 2000) I was affected by the reason given for one brother’s disloyalty—“because he gave up reading and believing the Bible.” These words have given me renewed strength to continue studying the Holy Scriptures regularly.

A. V., Georgia

Extreme Sports Recently I was given the opportunity to go hang gliding. The offer was tempting, but I was curious about what the Bible had to say on the matter. A few days later, I received the answer in your article “‘Extreme Sports’—Should You Take the Risk?” (October 8, 2000) Hang gliding certainly seems like a breathtaking experience. But my relationship with Jehovah is too important to risk my life engaging in it.

M.M.S., Brazil

You stated that Satan’s temptation of Jesus was “likely in a vision.” Were not the temptations actual experiences?

C.G.H., United States

Several aspects of the Bible account are problematic if taken literally. For example, there is no mountain tall enough for Satan to show Jesus “all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.” Nor is it likely that Jesus would allow Satan literally to ‘take him along into the holy city’ or to station him “upon the battlement of the temple.” (Matthew 4:5-8) Evidently, then, some sort of vision was involved. However it was performed, Satan’s temptation of Christ was real. Jesus’ refusal to succumb to such temptation demonstrated his unbreakable integrity.—ED.