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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Internet Pornography I received the June 8, 2000, issue with the series “Internet Pornography—What Harm Can It Do?” Boy, did it hit home! A month or so prior to that, I found my husband looking at pornography on the computer; he had just hooked it up that very day. I opened the door unexpectedly and found him looking at a lewd picture. I can’t tell you what this has done to our relationship. He says he is sorry, but he has degraded our marriage.

L. K., United States

I would like to express my gratitude for these articles. I have battled the problem of viewing pornography for almost eight years. Recently I prayed and resolved to quit my addiction to pornography. That very day I received these articles.

L. M., United States

A few months ago, I found a pornographic Internet site by accident. I began frequenting other, more graphic, sites. As a result, I’ve become withdrawn and sullen and have lost my love for spiritual things. It’s very easy to become addicted to these images. But now I will work hard to break this addiction.

M. G., United States

Neckties I want to express my appreciation for the interesting article “Neckties—Then and Now.” (June 8, 2000) I am the mother of three children, and I am teaching them to love Jehovah. My oldest son is 13 years old, and neither he nor I knew how to tie a necktie so that he could fulfill assignments on the Theocratic Ministry School. My husband, who is an unbeliever, has never worn one. Thanks for showing us how to tie a necktie in such a simple way.

M. B., United States

I am 11 years old, and strange as it may seem, the illustrations finally taught me how to tie my tie. Now I can use all the ties I have in my wardrobe!

A. P., Italy

Evolution Some stumbling blocks to honest debate on the subject of evolution appeared in the article “Is Evolution Logical?” (June 8, 2000) You state: “Is it conceivable that the spider has evolved a manufacturing technique so complex that man has yet to understand it?” Why not? Scientists don’t have all knowledge.

C. W., Australia

The spider’s manufacture of silk involves a number of incredibly complex mechanisms that scientists still do not understand after decades of research. Yet, they dogmatically state that this is all the product of evolution. We believe that this and numerous other examples illustrate the basic illogic of evolution and suggest that belief in that theory is more akin to faith than science.—ED.

I have never read anything on one point that I have always felt argues strongly against the logic of evolution: How did our ancestors (whatever some think they were) divide and become two different sexes? Saying that this happened over millions of years hardly explains things, since a female cannot become pregnant gradually.

H. R., United States

Our reader makes a valid point, one that we commented on in our May 8, 1997, article “Is Evolution’s Foundation Missing?” We stated: “We are expected to believe that by chance evolution also produced a male and a female at the same time in order for the new species to be perpetuated. To compound the odds, we also have to believe that the male and the female not only evolved at the same time but also in the same place! No meeting, no procreation!”—ED.