Lessons Learned From Loida’s Journey

THE article “Loida’s Journey out of Silence” (May 8, 2000) elicited a wide response from our readers. Many hearts were deeply touched by this true story of a young girl with cerebral palsy who could not communicate until she was 18 years of age. Following are a few of the comments that were received.

“I couldn’t stop crying when I read Loida’s messages to her family when she was finally able to communicate. Her courage and strength despite her difficult circumstances are things that I am going to strive to imitate.”—K. G.

“I have excellent health, yet at times I find myself complaining about various things. After reading about Loida, I said a prayer to Jehovah, apologizing for not appreciating what I have.”—R. H.

“In 1980 my little brother was born with a multitude of health problems, including cerebral palsy, and he cannot talk. This experience encouraged my family never to give up, no matter how hard times may be.”—L. W.

“I am a 14-year-old girl, and I always thought that I was the only one with problems. I would like to see Loida well and talk to her in Paradise. She is one of the people on my list to meet and be friends with forever.”—R. K.

“This article touched my heart. I have had to endure all manner of mental and emotional illnesses. To read about how much Loida is looking forward to God’s new world makes me want to be there that much more.”—P. B.

“I too have cerebral palsy, but I have no trouble speaking. This article lets me know that Jehovah sees all that we experience and appreciates each of us for what we can individually contribute in serving him.”—D. J.

“Most moving to me was reading about how Loida dedicated her life to Jehovah at a young age and also how she shares in the preaching work. Those of us who are more able-bodied can take a lesson from Loida in many ways.”—A. R.

“Loida’s experience has made me strive to think more of others and of what I can do for them. I refuse to take for granted my privilege of being able to speak to others about Jehovah God.”—B. M.

“What an exceptional article! We know a couple in a neighboring congregation who have a daughter with cerebral palsy. I am going to send them a card today to let them know that I truly appreciate them and all that they do for her.”—T. G.

“When I feel depressed, sometimes I become selfish, but Loida takes a special interest in others. That’s what I’m trying hard to do. I also need to try harder to be like Loida and pray to Jehovah when I feel overwhelmed.”—N. D.

“I am 14 years old, and I am asthmatic. I sometimes think my illness is the worst of all, but in reading this experience, I have learned that this is not so. Thank you for this sad but at the same time happy experience that gives us hope.”—M. C.