The Earth—A Realm of Life Forever

EARTH’S prodigious reservoir of life calls to mind the words of Psalm 104:24, 25: “How many your works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you have made. The earth is full of your productions. As for this sea so great and wide, there there are moving things without number, living creatures, small as well as great”—and we might add, even in the most inhospitable places!

Sadly, however, human ignorance and greed have resulted in some life-forms being driven to extinction and others being pushed to the brink. Pollution is one major factor. Hence, some scientists are studying certain toxin- and heat-tolerant organisms—such as those near deep-sea vents and those in hot springs like the ones at Yellowstone National Park—with a view to using their secrets to clean up pollutants. In the meantime, other scientists are trying to understand more fully how earth’s life-support systems work and how humans interact with those systems.

An Experimental Life-Support System

In order to increase their understanding of earth’s life-support systems, scientists experimented in the 1990’s with a fully enclosed life-support system in Arizona, U.S.A. Hoping that it would be self-sustaining, they called it Biosphere 2 (the earth being “Biosphere 1”). It contained more than 3,000 species of living things, including eight humans. All remained isolated from the outside world for two years. However, Biosphere 2 developed serious problems. “Nearly all  the birds and animals and insects that were supposed to thrive inside died—except for cockroaches and ‘crazy ants,’” said a report, adding that “the noble vision that had been Biosphere 2 became a joke.” How this failed experiment underscored the brilliance manifest in “Biosphere 1”!

The Creator to the Rescue!

The more we learn about the earth and its living marvels, the more we ought to develop a profound respect for this truly dynamic planet and its infinitely wise Creator. Of course, many people demonstrate their love for the earth, perhaps by getting deeply involved in environmental issues. Sadly, however, these people face insurmountable obstacles, including human greed and ignorance, which the noblest intentions cannot eradicate.

Nonetheless, sincerely concerned persons can take comfort in the Bible’s promise that God himself will soon act by eliminating all greedy, godless individuals who are “ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18; 2 Timothy 3:1-5) Thereafter, the Creator, whose name is Jehovah, will institute a program of rehabilitation that will thoroughly cleanse the earth and turn it into a paradisaic fountain of life.—Psalm 83:18; Isaiah 35:1, 2.

This restoration will be accomplished by means of God’s Kingdom—a heavenly government in the hands of Christ Jesus. (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 6:9, 10) Under this rulership, planet Earth will thrive, for it will be cared for by God-fearing humans who delight in Jehovah’s sovereignty and have the deepest respect for all his works. (Psalm 37:10, 11; Revelation 21:3, 4) Why can we be sure of the fulfillment of these promises? Because God’s “invisible qualities,” as revealed both in creation and in the Bible, prove that “with God no declaration will be an impossibility.”—Romans 1:20; Luke 1:37.

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Our earth will soon become a paradise