From Our Readers

Torture Victims Thank you so much for printing the article “Help for Victims of Torture.” (January 8, 2000) Its depth of understanding and empathy helped me to relate the information to my own personal problems.

B. R., United States

I received a message from a friend of mine. He said simply: ‘The article is about me. Please read it.’ This note saddened me, since he was the one who studied the Bible with me back in the early ’70’s. I had no idea. I was relieved that you put out a frank discussion of the emotional turmoil of victims throughout the world who have suffered at the hands of others.

L. W., United States

Memorable Song Thank you for the short article “A Song That Stayed With Her.” (December 22, 1999) This wonderful song does indeed bring praise to Jehovah and tears to the eyes. Franz Schubert was not afraid to use Jehovah’s grand name.

K. C., United States

For the information of our readers, the song “Die Allmacht” (Opus 79, No. 2), while religious in nature, was not written for church use. Schubert reportedly composed it as a result of being moved by the majesty of the mountains while in Austria.—ED.

Design in Nature I have been a reader of Awake! for over 30 years, but I feel compelled to express my gratitude for the series “Life—A Product of Design.” (January 22, 2000) I am not naturally drawn to scientific subjects, but I found myself captivated by these easy-to-read articles.

T. E., United States

The articles increased my love and appreciation for Jehovah. I can now see that eternal life in Paradise will never be boring. There will always be wonderful things to discover about our Creator. The learning process will be endless.

J.R.A., Brazil

There seemed to be an error on page 7, which discusses the fly’s gearbox. Did you mean to say that “it links wings to wings”?

P. S., United States

No, we did not. Please pardon our error. We meant to state that it links “engine” to wings—the “engine” referring to the muscles in the thorax that drive the wings.—ED.

I have worked in the research department of a large computer company for many years, and I’ve had an interest in applying designs found in nature. But I was not aware that there is now a specific branch of science dealing with this, namely, biomimetics. It’s sad that many who are involved in such wholesale copying of nature probably won’t give credit to the original Designer.

P. G., United States

The article was wonderfully written. Some of the people I gave it to made some very positive comments about how God can make everything perfect without polluting. Thanks to your work, you made difficult material easy to read.

R.D.S., Italy

Internet Dangers The article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Avoid Dangers on the Internet?” (January 22, 2000) presented an excellent balance of the Internet’s usefulness and dangers. As one who works on the Internet every day as a part of my employment, I find that the dangers are constantly in evidence. How important it is to avoid those dangers!

J. L., United States