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Surgery Without Blood—A Success Story

Surgery Without Blood—A Success Story

 Surgery Without Blood—A Success Story

After the publication of the January 8, 2000, issue of Awake! on the subject of bloodless medicine and surgery, the editors received this encouraging letter.

“This issue of Awake! brought back memories of a situation my husband and I faced with our daughter, Janice. Soon after her birth, five heart defects were diagnosed, the most serious being transposition of the great arteries. * Since surgery was needed, we located a pediatric heart surgeon in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., who was willing to operate without blood.

“At four months of age, Janice had her first operation—a closed-heart surgery to partially restrict the flow of blood into her lungs. Five months later, she had a second operation—this time open-heart surgery designed to channel her blood flow properly. Both surgeries were performed without blood, and they were completely successful!

“Janice is now 17 years old and is in very good health. We are grateful for courageous surgeons who are willing to respect our stand regarding blood. Truly, they are what you call them in the January 8 issue, ‘Pioneers in Medicine.’ In answer to the question posed in that magazine, Is bloodless surgery a safe alternative? we can answer with conviction that it certainly is!”


^ par. 3 In this condition, the position of the aorta and the pulmonary artery are switched. Thus, oxygen-rich blood that should be carried to the body is only carried to the lungs. A similar case was reported in our issue of April 8, 1986, pages 18-20.

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After her operations

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Janice and her parents today