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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Universe I want to thank you for the articles that provide information on our awesome universe, such as “What Lies Beyond the Planets?” (July 22, 1999) and “The Red Planet Revisited.” (November 22, 1999) They were truly fascinating and increased our appreciation for our Creator.

M.A.T., Italy

Glaucoma I read your item “Blindness Warning” in “Watching the World.” (November 22, 1999) Six years ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma. It may be, as your article states, that many people with glaucoma feel no pain. However, I suffer severe pain in my eyes as well as headaches from time to time in spite of taking eye drops daily. Could it be that some who read the article may conclude that glaucoma is always painless?

H. M., Japan

Our brief item was not an in-depth discussion of this serious malady. The article “Glaucoma—Insidious Stealer of Sight!” in our May 8, 1988, issue was more thorough, and it acknowledged that some patients do indeed suffer pain.—ED.

Premature Baby I want to express my sincere thanks for the article “We Learned to Rely on God Through Adversity.” (November 22, 1999) It was about the Major family and their beautiful daughter JoAnn. My little sister’s autism was diagnosed when she reached the age of two. Coping with my sister’s illness is hard and trying, but the Majors’ experience has deepened our appreciation of how important it is to lean on Jehovah, in spite of what life throws at us.

M. C., United States

Our daughter was born in 1992, the same year as JoAnn. She weighed just 24 ounces [700 g] at birth! Doctors suggested a blood transfusion. One doctor even said that she would be brain damaged if we did not give her a transfusion. But we prayed to Jehovah and were able to stand firm. Today she is going to school and shows no evidence of brain damage.

C. H., Japan

I’m a wife and a mother of three children. Because my husband is out of work, we have no income and no health insurance. But the story of JoAnn and her family has helped me to deal with life one day at a time. (Matthew 6:34) Thank you for reminding me not to rely on myself but to look to Jehovah for the strength to cope.

K. A., United States

Twentieth Century I am writing regarding the series “The 20th Century—Critical Years of Change.” (December 8, 1999) I was impressed by the clear information you presented on the difficult times we experienced during the 20th century. I was also able to see how violence is destroying mankind little by little. I congratulate you on the marvelous work you are doing.

W. G., Puerto Rico

Avocados I just finished the article “The Avocado—Truly a Versatile Fruit!” (December 22, 1999) I really think many will enjoy that article. I started eating avocados when I was nine months old. When I was three, I started learning to make guacamole. Now I’m ten. And I was thinking about the people who just can’t eat onions, which are part of the recipe your article suggested. So in my recipe for guacamole, I use avocados, lemon juice, salt, hot sauce, and minced garlic.

N. E., United States

Thanks for your suggestion!—ED.