You Will Not Want to Miss It!

MISS what? The “Doers of God’s Word” District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses! This series of conventions, which began in May in the United States, will be held in hundreds of cities throughout the world for a number of months to come. In most locations the program will begin Friday morning at 9:30 with a musical program.

After opening with encouragement to heed what God’s Word says, the morning program will continue with the talks “Become Radiant Over the Goodness of Jehovah” and “Continue Steadfast as Seeing the One Who Is Invisible.” Then the morning program will conclude with the convention’s keynote address, “Praise Jehovah—The Doer of Wonderful Things.”

The first talk of the afternoon session, “Do Not Give Up in Doing What Is Fine,” will be followed by a three-part symposium on how to select a marriage mate, build a spiritually strong family, and teach children to love Jehovah. The concluding discourse of the day, “Keeping in Step With Jehovah’s Organization,” will review the progressive development in modern times of an understanding of God’s purposes.

The Saturday morning program features a second three-part symposium, entitled “Ministers of God’s Word.” This will provide suggestions on how to carry out our disciple-making work. Then there will be the heartwarming talk “Giving God No Cause for Shame.” After that will come a talk on baptism, and an opportunity to be baptized will be provided for those who qualify.

In the afternoon a third three-part symposium will highlight the theme “Work Hard at Cultivating Spirituality,” during which practical suggestions will be provided on how to develop spirituality. The session will conclude with the enlightening talk “Walking in the Progressive Light of God’s Word.” It will discuss Isaiah chapters 25 and 26 and will describe how we can better understand this fascinating book of the Bible.

Sunday morning will include a final three-part symposium entitled “Zephaniah’s Meaningful Prophecy for Those Doing God’s Will.” It will explain how that prophecy applied in ancient times to the nation of Judah and how it applies in our day, especially to the religions of this world. Afterward you will enjoy a full-costume drama entitled “Warning Examples for Our Day,” which discusses the immorality of Israelite men just prior to Israel’s entry into the Promised Land. A feature of the convention’s final session on Sunday afternoon will be the public talk, “Why Be Attentive to God’s Wonderful Works.”

Make plans now to attend all three days. To find the location nearest your home, contact the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses or write the publishers of this magazine. In its issue of February 15, our companion magazine, The Watchtower, has a list of all the convention locations in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Ireland.