From Our Readers

Ecological Sanctuary Thank you for the article “The Pantanal—A Fascinating Sanctuary.” (September 8, 1999) In my imagination I accompanied the writer to that fascinating location, enjoying the peace and serenity that exist there. I anxiously await the day when God will extend similar conditions to the whole planet.

M. A., Italy

Diabetes I have just finished reading for the second time the article “Your Daughter Has Diabetes!” (September 22, 1999) Ten months ago I learned that I have Type 1 diabetes. I had always been a healthy person, serving as a pioneer, a full-time evangelizer, since the age of 17. I have had to make many adjustments in my life during the past few months. I have to use an insulin pump, and the expense of caring for my illness has forced me to cease pioneering. But I thank you for printing such articles that remind us that others are going through similar trials.

B. F., United States

My four-year-old son has suffered from diabetes since he was two. The feelings that Sonya and her family expressed in the article are well-known to us. We are thankful for the loving Christian brotherhood that has helped us to cope.

C. R., Moldova

For some time I have been hoping for encouraging reading material on this subject. I am 17 and have been living with diabetes since I was 5 years old. At times, it has been very challenging to cope with this disease. But I was thrilled to have a simple article that I can show to my family and all my friends that will answer their questions and broaden their knowledge about diabetes.

K. W., Canada

Unsafe? I read a very nice article entitled “The Women Have Had a Large Share.” (June 22, 1999) I was a bit surprised to see that the women construction workers did not have on any eye protection.

R. L., United States

Our readers can rest assured that these volunteer workers wore protective eye wear when actually performing their work. They were asked to pose for these shots—without eye wear—so that their beaming faces could better be seen.—ED.

Injustice I want to thank you for the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Cope With Injustice?” (September 22, 1999) Even though I am young, I have suffered a lot of injustice and violence in my life, so much so that I have deep emotional wounds. This has made it difficult for me to carry out my activity as a pioneer, which I have shared in for the past eight years. I was reassured by the sentence that said: “Do what you can to cope.” These words breathe love, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A. G., Italy

Music I have been an elder in the Christian congregation for years and have always taken an interest in young ones. But recently I have felt frustrated, as the advice I have tried to give about the dangers of some modern music has fallen on deaf ears. Nevertheless, the series “Music—More Powerful Than You May Think” (October 8, 1999) was just what I needed. The quotations from outside sources about the negative effects of some music were excellent. I will share these thoughts with our young ones.

D. H., Bolivia

As a vocalist and an elementary-school music teacher, I found your recent articles on music to be of great interest. Thank you!

K. F., United States