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Jehovah’s Witnesses


AWAKE! 1993-10-08

Your Child Is in Danger!

Child molestation is neither new nor rare. It is a long-standing problem that is epidemic today.

How Can We Protect Our Children?

Close supervision by loving parents is one of the best safeguards against abuse. Education is another. What teaching tools are available?

Common Misconceptions

Debunk four common misconceptions about child abusers and children who are victimized.

If Your Child Is Abused

If your child discloses sexual abuse, your reaction will play a major role in the child’s recovery. What can you do?

Prevention in the Home

The vast majority of sexual abuse occurs in the home. So how can the home be made more resistant to abuse?

Consoling Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Telling abuse survivors simply to forget the past may do more harm than good. More is needed.