News items from the Western Hemisphere show the value of the Bible’s timeless wisdom.

Reduce Stress​—Check E-mail Less?

People may have lower stress when they check their e-mail just three times a day instead of checking it as often as they can, according to research performed in Vancouver, Canada. Kostadin Kushlev, who led the study, says in view of its conclusions: “People find it difficult to resist the temptation of checking email, and yet resisting this temptation reduces their stress.”

TO THINK ABOUT: We live in “critical times hard to deal with,” so should we not look for ways to reduce stress?​—2 Timothy 3:1.

Recovery from Overfishing

“There have been documented cases of improvements to conch, lobster and fish populations within no-take zones” in Belize and other areas of the Caribbean, says a report to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). It adds: “Recovery of exploited species within no-take zones as opposed to fished areas may take as little as 1-6 years, but full recovery . . . may take decades.” Janet Gibson, a WCS program director, said of Belize: “It’s clear that no-take zones can help replenish the country’s fisheries and biodiversity.”

TO THINK ABOUT: Does the resilience evident in nature point to a wise Creator?​—Psalm 104:24, 25.

Violence in Brazil

Violence is increasing in Brazil, reports the news service Agência Brasil. In 2012, the number of homicides surpassed 56,000​—the highest yearly rate ever recorded by the Ministry of Health. Public security specialist Luís Sapori believes that the increase reflects a moral breakdown. Once people lose respect for the laws of a civilized society, “they start using brute force to make their interests prevail,” he said.

DID YOU KNOW? The Bible foretold a time when love would “grow cold” and lawlessness would increase.​—Matthew 24:3, 12.