DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE A HAPPY PERSON? If so, what makes you happy? Your family, your work, your religious faith? Perhaps you are looking forward to something that may make you happy, such as finishing your schooling, getting a good job, or buying a new car.

Many people experience a measure of happiness when they reach a certain goal or obtain a desired item. But how long does that surge of happiness last? Often, it is only temporary, which can be disappointing.

Happiness has been described as a state of well-being that is characterized by relative permanence, by emotions ranging from mere contentment to deep and intense joy in living, and by a natural desire for it to continue.

Further, as an ongoing state of well-being, happiness has been described, not as a destination or goal, but as a journey. To say, “I’ll be happy when . . .” is, in effect, postponing happiness.

To illustrate, compare happiness with good health. How do we enjoy that state of physical well-being? We follow a wise path in regard to diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle. Likewise, happiness results from following a good path in life, living in harmony with sound principles.

What principles or qualities of life characterize the way of happiness? While some are more important than others, the following play a key role:



  • LOVE



  • HOPE

A highly respected book of wisdom states: “Happy are those who are blameless in their way.” (Psalm 119:1) Let us now consider that way.