Jewish exiles were encouraged by Ezekiel’s temple vision because it gave them hope that pure worship would be restored. During these last days, pure worship has “become firmly established above the top of the mountains,” and we are among those from all nations who have streamed to it. (Isa 2:2) Do you regularly reflect on your privilege of knowing and serving Jehovah?


  • Abundant spiritual food that provides answers to life’s big questions, practical values to live by, and a sure hope.​—Isa 48:17, 18; 65:13; Ro 15:4

  • A loving worldwide brotherhood.​—Ps 133:1; Joh 13:35

  • The privilege of being God’s fellow workers in a satisfying work.​—Acts 20:35; 1Co 3:9

  • “The peace of God” that strengthens us during adversity.​—Php 4:6, 7

  • A clean conscience.​—2Ti 1:3

  • “Close friendship with Jehovah.”​—Ps 25:14

In what ways can I demonstrate that I value pure worship?