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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  September 2017


Train Them to Serve Jehovah Continually

Train Them to Serve Jehovah Continually

Experience shows that new publishers who are trained from the beginning to have a regular and zealous share in the ministry often become effective publishers. (Pr 22:6; Php 3:16) Here are some suggestions on how you can help a student to develop a good foundation for the ministry:

  • As soon as your student is approved to be a publisher, begin training him. (km 8/15 1) Impress on him the importance of making the ministry a part of his weekly routine. (Php 1:10) Be positive in your comments about the territory. (Php 4:8) Encourage him to work along with the group overseer and other publishers in order to benefit from their experience.​—Pr 1:5; km 10/12 6 ¶3

  • After your student gets baptized, do not stop encouraging him and training him in the ministry, especially if he has not completed the “God’s Love” book.​—km 12/13 7

  • Use a simple presentation when working in the ministry with a new publisher. After hearing his presentation, give generous commendation. Offer suggestions that will help him to be more effective.​—km 5/10 7