WHY IMPORTANT: Meetings provide regular occasions to “sing to Jehovah” and to “praise him.” (Ps 149:1) At the meetings, we are taught to do God’s will. (Ps 143:10) Interested ones and Bible students usually make greater progress once they begin attending meetings.


  • Extend an invitation as soon as possible. You need not wait until a Bible study has been established.Re 22:17

  • Explain to the interested person what he can expect and what will be discussed at the next meeting. The following can be of help in this regard: the congregation meeting invitation, the video What Happens at a Kingdom Hall?, and lessons 5 and 7 of the Jehovah’s Will brochure

  • Offer help. Does the interested one need a ride or assistance with choosing appropriate clothing? Sit next to him at the meeting, and share your publications. Introduce him to others