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How to Become a Diligent Student of the Scriptures

How to Become a Diligent Student of the Scriptures

Would you like to be faithful under trial as Daniel was? Daniel diligently studied God’s Word, including deep prophecy. (Da 9:2) Diligent Bible study can help you to remain faithful. How so? It can increase your faith that Jehovah’s promises will come true. (Jos 23:14) It can also help you to increase your love for God, which will motivate you to do what is right. (Ps 97:10) But where should you begin? Consider the following suggestions.

  • What should I study? A good study routine includes preparing for congregation meetings. The weekly Bible reading will be more rewarding if you take time to research points that you do not understand. In addition, some have chosen to learn more about Bible prophecy, the various aspects of the fruitage of God’s spirit, the missionary journeys of the apostle Paul, or even Jehovah’s physical creation. If you think of a Bible question during the day, write it down and make it the subject of your next study project.

  • Where can I find information? For some options, watch the video Research Tools for Discovering Spiritual Treasures. To test your skills, research the identity of the world powers that are portrayed by the beasts in Daniel chapter 7.

  • How much time should I devote to study? Regular study is a key to spiritual health. You can start with shorter study periods, if needed, and gradually increase the length. Studying God’s Word is like digging for hidden treasures; the more treasure you find, the more you will want to dig! (Pr 2:3-6) Your longing for God’s Word will increase, and regular Bible study will continue to be your routine.​—1Pe 2:2.



How was Daniel 7:8, 24 fulfilled?


What do the beasts of Revelation chapter 13 represent?