In view of the approaching great tribulation, our preaching work is urgent. (Pr 24:11, 12, 20) To help people, we can use contact cards to direct their attention to God’s Word and to our website. The card contains a code that leads to the video Why Study the Bible? and an invitation to request more information or a Bible study. Some people are not inclined to accept literature but are willing to visit our website. Do not hesitate to give them a contact card. However, do not leave contact cards with those who show no interest.

As you go about your daily activities, you could generate someone’s interest simply by saying: “I have something I would like to give you. This card directs you to a website that has free information and videos on a variety of subjects.” (Joh 4:7) Because the contact cards are small, you can likely keep a few with you to share with others at every opportunity.