Good comments build up the congregation. (Ro 14:19) They also benefit those who give them. (Pr 15:23, 28) Therefore, we should try to give at least one comment at each meeting. Of course, we will not be called on every time we raise our hand. Therefore, it is best to prepare several comments.

A good comment . . .

  • is simple, clear, and brief. In most cases, it can be given in 30 seconds or less

  • is best given in your own words

  • is not a needless repetition of a previous comment

If you are called on first, . . .

  • give a simple, direct answer to the question

If the question has been answered, you could . . .

  • show how a cited scripture bears on the point under consideration

  • mention how the matter affects our lives

  • explain how the information can be used

  • briefly relate an experience that highlights a key point