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Improving Our Skills in the Ministry​—Making a Return Visit

Improving Our Skills in the Ministry​—Making a Return Visit

WHY IMPORTANT: Many people who show interest in the Kingdom message are searching for the truth about God. (Isa 55:6) In order for us to teach them progressively, we must return again and again. People face different challenges, so the way we cultivate their interest will vary. However, we will be more effective if we prepare well and have an objective for each visit, with the ultimate goal of starting a Bible study.


  • Endeavor to return promptly, perhaps within a few days.​—Mt 13:19

  • Be friendly and respectful. Try to relax

  • Begin with a warm greeting. Use the person’s name. Remind him why you have returned​—perhaps to answer a question, bring the latest magazine, show our website, play a video, or demonstrate a Bible study. Adjust your comments if he expresses interest in another subject.​—Php 2:4

  • Water the seed of truth planted in his heart by sharing a Scriptural thought and perhaps by leaving literature. (1Co 3:6) Try to build a rapport with him

  • Lay the groundwork for the next visit