It can be easy to think that the days of our youth will continue indefinitely and that we will never experience “the days of distress” that accompany old age in Satan’s world. (Ec 12:1) If you are a youth, can you assume that you have plenty of time to pursue spiritual goals such as the full-time ministry?

“Unexpected events overtake” us all, including those who are young. (Ec 9:11) “You do not know what your life will be like tomorrow.” (Jas 4:14) Therefore, do not put spiritual pursuits on hold unnecessarily. Go through the “large door that leads to activity” while it is still open to you. (1Co 16:9) You will not regret it.

Some possible spiritual goals:

  • Preaching in another language

  • Pioneer service

  • Attending theocratic schools

  • Construction service

  • Bethel service

  • Circuit work

List your spiritual goals.