The Teach Us book and the Bible Teach book are similar. Both of these tools from our teaching toolbox present the same truths and in the same order. However, the Teach Us book uses simplified wording and logic. It is designed for those who may have difficulty understanding the Bible Teach book. Instead of an appendix, the Teach Us book has endnotes that provide simple explanations of some terms and concepts found in the main text. The chapters do not have introductory questions or a review box. Instead, they conclude with a summary of Bible truths that were explained in the main text. Just as with the Bible Teach book, the Teach Us book may be offered at any time, even if it is not being featured during the month. How may we use the unique features of the Teach Us book when conducting a Bible study?

SUMMARY: For most people, our usual method of conducting a study by reading the paragraph in the Bible Teach book and then asking the question will serve quite well. Suppose, however, that the student is not very familiar with the language or does not read well. In that case, you may choose to use the Teach Us book. Then, the chapter summaries may be used as the basis for the study and the student may be encouraged to read the main text on his own. Each Bible truth can often be taught in a study session that lasts about 15 minutes. Since the summaries do not include details found in the main text, the teacher must prepare well, keeping in mind the needs of the student. If the teacher conducts the study from the main text, the summaries can be used as a review.

ENDNOTES: The terms and concepts in the endnotes are in the order that they appear in the main text. The teacher may decide whether to discuss the endnotes in the Teach Us book during the study.