The Mosaic Law required a man who was considering divorce to prepare a legal certificate. This served to deter the hasty breakup of marriages. However, in Jesus’ day, religious leaders made divorce easy to obtain. Men could divorce their wives on every sort of grounds. (“certificate of dismissal” study note on Mr 10:4, nwtsty; “divorces his wife,” “commits adultery against her” study notes on Mr 10:11, nwtsty) Jesus called attention to the fact that marriage was authorized and established by Jehovah. (Mr 10:2-12) A husband and wife were to become “one flesh” in a permanent union. The only Scriptural basis for divorce, according to Matthew’s parallel account, is “sexual immorality.”​—Mt 19:9.

Today, many people view marriage, not as Jesus did, but as the Pharisees did. When problems arise, those in the world are quick to divorce. Christian couples, on the other hand, take their marriage vows seriously and strive to overcome difficulties by applying Bible principles. After watching the video Love and Respect Unites Families, answer the following questions:

  • How can you apply Proverbs 15:1 in your marriage, and why is this important?

  • How can you avoid problems by applying Proverbs 19:11?

  • If your marriage is at the breaking point, instead of thinking, ‘Should I get a divorce?’ what questions should you consider?

  • How can you be a better husband or wife by applying Matthew 7:12?