• Read the Bible and the daily text

  • Read the Yearbook, magazines, and other publications. Use the bookmark feature

  • Prepare for congregation meetings, and highlight the answers

  • Watch videos


  • Look up scriptures referred to by the speaker. Use the history feature to return to a scripture

  • Instead of bringing multiple printed publications to the meeting, use your device to follow the various parts and to sing the songs. JW Library has the new songs that are not yet in the printed songbook


  • Show an interested person something from JW Library, and then help him download the app and publications to his own device

  • Use the search feature to locate a Bible verse. If a phrase does not appear in the revised New World Translation, switch to the Reference Bible and search again

  • Show a video. If the householder has children, you can play one of the Become Jehovah’s Friend videos. Or you can show the video Why Study the Bible? to stimulate interest in a Bible study. If someone speaks another language, show a video in his language

  • Show someone a scripture in another language, using a translation that you previously downloaded. Go to the scripture, tap the verse number, and then tap the parallel rendering icon