WHY IMPORTANT: When they prepare, Bible students can more readily understand and remember what we are teaching them. The more they understand and remember, the faster they will make progress. Even after baptism, they will need to prepare for the meetings and the ministry in order to “keep on the watch.” (Mt 25:13) Therefore, knowing how to study and having a good study routine will benefit them throughout their life. Right from the start, we should help our students develop the habit of preparing for their Bible study.


  • Be a good example. (Ro 2:21) Prepare for each study with the student in mind. (km 11/15 3) Let him see your underlined publication

  • Encourage him to prepare. Once the study is established, let him know that preparation is part of the Bible study arrangement, and explain the benefits. Give practical suggestions on how he can buy out time from his schedule to prepare. Some teachers allow the student to use the teacher’s underlined publication during a study session to help the student see the benefits. Commend him when he prepares

  • Show him how to prepare. Early on, some teachers will use the entire study session to demonstrate to their student how to prepare for a lesson