Jeremiah was commissioned to warn the Jews of an impending destruction because they had forgotten their God, Jehovah. (Jer 13:25) How did the nation get to this sad spiritual state? Israelite families had lost their spirituality. Evidently family heads were not following Jehovah’s direction recorded at Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

Spiritually strong families contribute to the stability of our congregations today. Family heads can help their family to remember Jehovah by means of a regular and meaningful Family Worship program. (Ps 22:27) After watching the video These Words . . . Must Be on Your Heart”—Family Interviews, answer these questions:

  • How have some families successfully confronted the common challenges to family worship?

  • What are some of the rewards of having a regular and meaningful Family Worship program?

  • When it comes to family worship, what challenges do I have, and how do I plan to address them?