The brochure Listen to God was designed to teach basic Bible truths visually to those who find it challenging to learn from text. Each two-page lesson features carefully prepared illustrations with arrows to guide the discussion from one illustration to the next.

The brochure Listen to God and Live Forever has the same illustrations as does Listen to God, but the former has more text and can be used by students who have some reading ability. Publishers often prefer to use it as a teacher’s copy when their student is using Listen to God. Many of the pages contain a box with additional information that could be discussed, depending on the ability of the student.

You may offer either brochure at any time, even if it is not the offer for the month. When conducting a Bible study, use the illustrations to explain the Bible record. Ask questions to involve the student and to make sure he understands. Read and discuss the scriptures at the bottom of each page. After completing the brochure, study What Does the Bible Really Teach? or What Can the Bible Teach Us? to help your student progress to baptism.