WHY IMPORTANT: Although the sample presentations that appear in the meeting workbook provide helpful ideas, these are simply outlines. You should use your own words. You may prefer a different approach or feel that another subject would have more appeal locally. If so, after you have read the magazine, considered the sample presentations, and seen the video demonstrations, you can use the following suggestions to build a personal presentation.


Ask yourself, ‘Do I want to use one of the sample presentations?’


  • Prepare your opening words. After giving a customary greeting, state concisely the reason for your visit. (Example: “I am here because . . .”)

  • Consider how you will transition between the question, the scripture, and the offer. (Example: To introduce a scripture, you might say: “A satisfying answer to that question can be found right here.”)


  • Choose a subject from the magazine that interests you and will have appeal in your territory

  • Decide on a viewpoint question to ask that will stimulate thought and conversation but not put the householder on the spot. (Example: The questions that appear on page 2 of the magazines.)

  • Choose a scripture to read. (If you are featuring Awake! reading a scripture is optional, since this magazine is designed for those who have little knowledge of the Bible and may even distrust religion.)

  • Formulate a sentence or two that explains how the householder will benefit from reading the article


  • Prepare a follow-up question to answer on the return visit

  • Make notes to help you remember what you want to say next time