The Memorial gives us a good opportunity to reflect on future blessings that are made possible by the ransom, such as the resurrection. Jehovah never intended for humans to die. That is why one of the most painful emotions we experience is grief over the death of a loved one. (1Co 15:26) Jesus was pained to see his disciples mourn the loss of Lazarus. (Joh 11:33-35) Since Jesus is a perfect reflection of his Father, we can be sure that Jehovah is also pained to see us grieve over the loss of our loved ones. (Joh 14:7) Jehovah eagerly anticipates the time when he will bring his servants back from the dead, and we should too.Job 14:14, 15.

Since Jehovah is a God of order, it is reasonable to believe that the resurrection will take place in an orderly way. (1Co 14:33, 40) Instead of funerals, there may be welcoming sessions for the resurrected. Do you meditate on the resurrection, especially during times of grief? (2Co 4:17, 18) Do you thank Jehovah for providing the ransom and for revealing in the Scriptures that the dead will live again?Col 3:15.

  • Which of your friends and relatives do you especially look forward to seeing again?

  • Which Bible characters do you especially want to meet and talk to?