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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  March 2016

Sample Presentations

Sample Presentations


Question: Are you familiar with these famous words?

Scripture: Joh 3:16

Offer: This issue of The Watchtower explains how Jesus’ suffering and death can benefit you.

THE WATCHTOWER (back page)

Question: Notice this question and some common answers. [Read the first question along with the listed options.] How would you answer?

Scripture: Mt 4:1-4

Offer: Since the Devil conversed with Jesus and tempted him, the Devil must be more than merely a symbol of evil. What else does the Bible say about the Devil? This article explains more.


Offer: We’re distributing this invitation to a very important event. [Give the householder an invitation.] On March 23, millions around the world will gather to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ and to hear a free Bible discourse about how his death benefits us. This invitation shows the time and location of the meeting being held in our area. Please come if you can.


Use the format in the preceding examples to create your own field service presentation.