Jehovah God sets the standard of morality for humans. For instance, he decrees that marriage is a permanent union between a man and a woman. (Mt 19:4-6, 9) He condemns all types of sexual immorality. (1Co 6:9, 10) He even provides principles regarding dress and grooming that set his people apart.De 22:5; 1Ti 2:9, 10.

In today’s world, many people reject Jehovah’s standards. (Ro 1:18-32) They allow popular opinion to influence their dress and grooming and their conduct. Many flaunt their gross wrongdoing and criticize those who live by a different standard.1Pe 4:3, 4.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we must courageously uphold God’s moral standards. (Ro 12:9) How? We should tactfully make known what is acceptable to him. But we also need to maintain a high standard in our own life. For instance, when selecting styles of dress and grooming, we might ask ourselves: ‘Do my choices reflect Jehovah’s standards or the world’s? Does my dress and grooming identify me as a God-fearing Christian?’ Or when choosing a program or a movie to watch, we might ask ourselves: ‘Would Jehovah approve of this program? Whose standards of morality does it promote? Might my choice of entertainment weaken my moral defenses? (Ps 101:3) Could it be a stumbling block to family members or others?’1Co 10:31-33.

Why is it so important that we uphold Jehovah’s moral standards? Christ Jesus will soon destroy the nations and all wickedness. (Eze 9:4-7) Only those who are doing the will of God will remain. (1Jo 2:15-17) Let us, then, champion Jehovah’s moral standards so that eyewitnesses of our good conduct may glorify God.1Pe 2:11, 12.

What do my choices of dress and grooming say about my moral standards?


  • Why is it wise to live by Jehovah’s standards?

  • Why should parents start to teach Jehovah’s moral standards to their children at an early age?

  • How can young and old alike help people to benefit from God’s goodness?