Have you ever found it difficult to preach? Many of us would answer yes to that question. Why? Maybe we regularly face apathy or hostility in our territory or we fear talking to strangers. Certainly, these things can dampen our joy. Yet, we worship the happy God who wants us to serve him with rejoicing. (Ps 100:2; 1Ti 1:11) What are three good reasons to delight in preaching?

First, we declare a message of hope. Although hope is diminishing in society today, we can fill people’s hearts with “good news of something better.” (Isa 52:7) But the good news of God’s Kingdom can also fill us with joy. Before going out to preach, meditate on the blessings that God’s Kingdom will bring to the earth.

Second, the good news we preach benefits people physically and spiritually. They learn to abandon harmful practices and gain the prospect of everlasting life. (Isa 48:17, 18; Ro 1:16) We can imagine ourselves in a search-and-rescue work. Even though some people do not want to be rescued, we keep on searching for those who do.Mt 10:11-14.

Third, and most important, our preaching honors Jehovah. He highly values our witnessing work. (Isa 43:10; Heb 6:10) Furthermore, he generously gives us his holy spirit to accomplish this work. Therefore, beg Jehovah for joy, a product of holy spirit. (Ga 5:22) With his help, we can overcome our anxieties and preach with boldness. (Ac 4:31) Then, regardless of the response in our territory, we will find delight in our assignment to preach.Eze 3:3.

Which disposition would you like to have in the ministry? How can you reflect joy?


  • Why must we give priority to our spiritual eating habits, even if we spend many hours preaching each month?

  • In what way should we imitate Mary?

  • When do you make time to meditate on God’s Word?

  • What brings you delight when preaching the good news?