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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Trust in Jehovah and Do Good

Trust in Jehovah and Do Good

“Do not be . . . envious of wrongdoers”

37:1, 2

  • Do not allow the temporary success of wicked people to distract you from serving Jehovah. Keep your focus on spiritual blessings and goals

“Trust in Jehovah and do what is good”


  • Trust that Jehovah will support you through any doubt or anxiety. He will help you stay faithful

  • Keep busy by sharing the good news of God’s Kingdom

“Find exquisite delight in Jehovah”


  • Schedule time to read God’s Word and meditate on it with the goal of getting to know Jehovah better

“Commit your way to Jehovah”

37:5, 6

  • Have complete trust that Jehovah will help you handle any problem

  • Maintain good conduct in the face of opposition, persecution, or misrepresentation

“Keep silent before Jehovah and wait expectantly for him”


  • Avoid rash acts that can rob you of joy and spiritual security

“The meek will possess the earth”

37:10, 11

  • Seek meekness, and humbly wait on Jehovah to remove all the injustice you experience

  • Support fellow believers, and comfort the depressed with the promise of God’s new world, which is close at hand

The Messianic Kingdom will bring untold blessings