Those desiring to be citizens of God’s Kingdom should learn all they can about the Kingdom and what it has accomplished. Why? This will not only strengthen their faith that God’s Kingdom rules but also stir their hearts to tell others the good news of God’s Kingdom. (Ps 45:1; 49:3) As you watch the video The Kingdom—100 Years and Counting, find answers to the following questions:

  1. Why was the “Photo-Drama of Creation” a blessing to those who saw it?

  2. How was radio used to reach people with the good news?

  3. What other methods were used to preach the good news, and with what effect?

  4. How has training for the ministry improved over the years?

  5. What practical training was provided to students of Gilead School?

  6. What role have conventions played in educating Jehovah’s people?

  7. What proves to you that God’s Kingdom is ruling?

  8. How do we show our support for God’s Kingdom?