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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  July 2017


Good Doorstep Manners

Good Doorstep Manners

Christians are “a theatrical spectacle to the world.” (1Co 4:9) Therefore, it should not surprise us that some householders watch us from a window or listen from behind the door. The home may even have a security camera and a microphone that allow the householder to observe, listen to, and record us. Here are some ways to show good manners when at the doorstep.2Co 6:3.


  • Respect the householder’s privacy by not peering into the home. Do not eat, drink, make phone calls, or send text messages while standing at the door

BY YOUR SPEECH (Eph 4:29):

  • While at the doorstep, do not say anything that you would not want the householder to hear. Some publishers may even prefer to suspend conversation altogether so that they can collect their thoughts about what they want to say

What are some other ways that you can display good doorstep manners?