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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  July 2016


Keeping Our Life Simple Helps Us Praise God

Keeping Our Life Simple Helps Us Praise God

Today, it is easy to complicate our lives with many things. Time and energy are required to shop for, pay for, use, maintain, and safeguard possessions. Jesus lived a simple life so that material possessions would not needlessly pull him away from his ministry.Mt 8:20.

How could you simplify your life so that you can do more in the ministry? With some adjustments, could someone in your household join the pioneer ranks? Even if you are currently in full-time service, have you gradually allowed material things to complicate your life? A simple life in Jehovah’s service is a happy, contented life.1Ti 6:7-9.

Write down ways that you can simplify your life.