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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Remember the Works of Jehovah

Remember the Works of Jehovah

Meditating on the good things that Jehovah has done is essential

74:16; 77:6, 11, 12

  • Meditation helps us to absorb what we read in God’s Word and to develop heartfelt appreciation for spiritual food

  • Thinking deeply about Jehovah helps us to remember his wonderful works and the hope he has set before us

Jehovah’s works include the following:

74:16, 17; 75:6, 7; 78:11-17

  • Creation

    The more we learn about creation, the more our awe for Jehovah deepens

  • Appointed men in the congregation

    We should be submissive to those whom Jehovah appoints to take the lead

  • Acts of salvation

    Remembering Jehovah’s saving acts strengthens our faith in his desire and ability to care for his servants