• Song 4 and Prayer

  • Opening Comments (3 min. or less)


  • Jesus Offered Refreshment”: (10 min.)

    • Mt 10:29, 30​—Jesus’ assurance that Jehovah is keenly interested in each of us is refreshing (“sparrows,” “for a coin of small value,” “even the hairs of your head are all numbered” study notes and “Sparrow” media on Mt 10:29, 30, nwtsty)

    • Mt 11:28​—Serving Jehovah is refreshing (“loaded down,” “I will refresh you” study notes on Mt 11:28, nwtsty)

    • Mt 11:29, 30​—Submission to Christ’s authority and direction brings refreshment (“Take my yoke upon you” study note on Mt 11:29, nwtsty)

  • Digging for Spiritual Gems: (8 min.)

    • Mt 11:2, 3​—Why did John the Baptist ask this question? (jy 96 ¶2-3)

    • Mt 11:16-19​—How are we to understand these verses? (jy 98 ¶1-2)

    • What has this week’s Bible reading taught you about Jehovah?

    • What other spiritual gems have you discovered in this week’s Bible reading?

  • Bible Reading: (4 min. or less) Mt 11:1-19


  • Second Return Visit: (3 min. or less) See Sample Conversations.

  • Third Return Visit: (3 min. or less) Choose your own scripture and linking question.

  • Bible Study: (6 min. or less) bhs 45-46 ¶15-16​—Invite the person to the meeting.


  • Song 87

  • Refreshing Those “Toiling and Loaded Down”: (15 min.) Play the video. Afterward, discuss the following questions:

    • What recent events have caused some to be in need of refreshment?

    • How have Jehovah and Jesus provided refreshment through the organization?

    • How are the Scriptures a source of refreshment?

    • How can each one of us refresh others?

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) jy chap. 6, box “The Time Came for Purifying Them

  • Review Followed by Preview of Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 138 and Prayer