• Song 17 and Prayer

  • Opening Comments (3 min. or less)


  • Jesus Loved People”: (10 min.)

    • Mt 8:1-3​—Jesus demonstrated exceptional compassion for a leper (“he touched him,” “I want to” study notes on Mt 8:3, nwtsty)

    • Mt 9:9-13​—Jesus loved those who were despised by others (“dining,” “tax collectors” study notes on Mt 9:10, nwtsty)

    • Mt 9:35-38​—Love for people moved Jesus to preach the good news even when he was tired and to pray for God to send more workers (“felt pity” study note on Mt 9:36, nwtsty)

  • Digging for Spiritual Gems: (8 min.)

    • Mt 8:8-10​—What can we learn from Jesus’ conversation with the army officer? (w02 8/15 13 ¶16)

    • Mt 9:16, 17​—What point was Jesus making with these two illustrations? (jy 70 ¶6)

    • What has this week’s Bible reading taught you about Jehovah?

    • What other spiritual gems have you discovered in this week’s Bible reading?

  • Bible Reading: (4 min. or less) Mt 8:1-17


  • Second Return Visit: (3 min. or less) Begin with the sample conversation. Invite the person to the meeting.

  • Third Return Visit: (3 min. or less) Choose your own scripture, and offer a study publication.

  • Bible Study: (6 min. or less) bhs 47 ¶18-19


  • Song 145

  • ‘For a Certainty God Made Him Lord and Christ’​—Part 1, Excerpt: (15 min.) Discussion. After reading Matthew 9:18-25 and watching the excerpt, ask the following questions:

    • How did Jesus show that he cared for the sick woman and for Jairus?

    • How does this account affect the way you view Bible prophecies about the future under Kingdom rule?

    • What are some ways that we can imitate Jesus’ love for people?

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) jy chap. 5

  • Review Followed by Preview of Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 95 and Prayer