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Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  January 2017


Hezekiah’s Faith Was Rewarded

Hezekiah’s Faith Was Rewarded

King Sennacherib of Assyria sent the Rabshakeh to Jerusalem to demand the city’s surrender. The Assyrians used various arguments in an attempt to make the Jews give up without a fight.

  • Isolation. Egypt will be of little help to you.Isa 36:6

  • Doubt. Jehovah will not fight for you because he is displeased with you.Isa 36:7, 10

  • Intimidation. You do not stand a chance against the powerful Assyrian army.Isa 36:8, 9

  • Temptation. Surrendering to Assyria will improve the quality of your life.Isa 36:16, 17

Hezekiah showed unwavering faith in Jehovah

37:1, 2, 14-20, 36

  • He did what he reasonably could to prepare the city for the siege

  • He prayed to Jehovah for deliverance and encouraged the people to do the same

  • His faith was rewarded when Jehovah sent an angel to strike down 185,000 Assyrian warriors in one night