Constructing Israel’s temple required much work and expense. However, the Israelites supported the project with zeal. (1Ch 29:2-9; 2Ch 6:7, 8) After the temple was completed, the maintenance done by the Israelites reflected their spirituality or lack thereof. (2Ki 22:3-6; 2Ch 28:24; 29:3) Today, Christians put much time and effort into building, cleaning, and maintaining Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls. However, working along with Jehovah in this way is a grand privilege and is part of our sacred service.Ps 127:1; Re 7:15.


  • Tidying up after every meeting. If circumstances limit you, kindly pick up around your seat.

  • Participating in the regular cleaning and maintenance of the Kingdom Hall. Many hands make the work joyful and 92-93 ¶18.

  • Giving financial support. Even a contribution of ‘two coins of little value’ given from the heart pleases Jehovah.Mr 12:41-44.

  • Volunteering to help build and renovate theocratic facilities if your circumstances allow. Construction experience is not a requirement to participate.