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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  January 2016


Our Privilege to Build and Maintain Places of True Worship

Our Privilege to Build and Maintain Places of True Worship

Constructing Israel’s temple required much work and expense. However, the Israelites supported the project with zeal. (1Ch 29:2-9; 2Ch 6:7, 8) After the temple was completed, the maintenance done by the Israelites reflected their spirituality or lack thereof. (2Ki 22:3-6; 2Ch 28:24; 29:3) Today, Christians put much time and effort into building, cleaning, and maintaining Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls. However, working along with Jehovah in this way is a grand privilege and is part of our sacred service.Ps 127:1; Re 7:15.


  • Tidying up after every meeting. If circumstances limit you, kindly pick up around your seat.

  • Participating in the regular cleaning and maintenance of the Kingdom Hall. Many hands make the work joyful and 92-93 ¶18.

  • Giving financial support. Even a contribution of ‘two coins of little value’ given from the heart pleases Jehovah.Mr 12:41-44.

  • Volunteering to help build and renovate theocratic facilities if your circumstances allow. Construction experience is not a requirement to participate.